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Atia Morren

Name Pronounced: uh-TEE-uh

Age: 17

Physical Description: Blond hair, blue eyes, average to shorter height.

Bio: Atia has longed for adventure since she was small. The middle child of Jairo and Salia Morren, she is old enough to remember Arthen and his stories of the road. When Dethar arrives, Atia is drawn to him, but her curiosity is disappointed when he kidnaps her nephews. Now, Atia struggles to cope with an intense yearning to escape, which, though she fears Dethar awoke in her, she cannot ignore. No longer are daydreams sufficient. She must get out of the Basin and see the world or die. Upon heeding this call, however, she realizes Dethar left more than a yearning. He left a forbidden magic.

"One more day, and I'll be gone! No more limits of the Basin, no more tedious repetition! No more doom of insignificant life! I'll be free, as free as a wanderer—I'll be a wanderer!" —Atia, Keepers of Fire

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