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The Song of Fire City is the greatest of all Mel'tarian legends. Ancient and noble, it's been handed down through the ages, loved and sang by everyone. But the Song is fable, never to be taken as history by sensible folk...

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(Fire City Book 1)

An unthinkable twist of fate lands Dethar in the secret home of his archenemy, Arthen Brightscar, and a dribble of gossip informs him that the elusive but dangerous hero is long since dead. Chagrined at the loss of his chance for vengeance, Dethar turns his sights on Arthen's two young children and undefended widow. Killing them will simply have to satisfy.

Farming and adventuring have little in common, but Atia Morren longs for the day when she can follow the example of her cousin's husband, Arthen, and explore the world. But when the arrival of a cruel but enchanting stranger smashes the tranquility of her home, Atia's daydreaming swells into mad desire, and as time passes and things continue to go wrong, she knows she cannot stay. Escaping with a group of mysterious wanderers, Atia begins a quest to the dreaded Scadkai forest. As the journey progresses, however, she finds herself faced with more than she bargained for, and with powers not previously recognized.

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(Fire City Book 2)

The Song has begun again.

Atia—now called Niva—has succumbed to evil and joined Dethar.
Together at last, the reincarnated Keepers unleash brutal destruction on the eastern sun elves.

Haunted by his role in all this, Elsvener the Wanderer plunges himself into hostile territory, determined to help his eastern friends. In a desperate move, he sells his freedom to the formidable Draiyahem family in exchange for an army. If the Hekish power families can’t stop Fire City, no one can.
Yet the Keepers are far deadlier than even Elsvener guessed, and the Draiyahem are soon bracing for what looks like inevitable martyrdom.

Meanwhile, west over the mountains, the still-safe Kingdom of Avar fea
rs Fire City less than they do the Order of Watchers, and the Order of Watchers fears Mathias and Acinath. The young couple have vanished from the castle, embarking on a quest that the Order warns will bring the end of the world.

Yet above all this dread and confusion, in both the East and West rings the name of a prophesied savior, long forgotten or misunderstood: the Bringer of Light.

The Singing of the Song has commenced.
The Demon and his Keepers are not the legend’s only survivors.

Enter a new realm with Prince Alexis, Princess Amarea, and a dragon invasion.

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When dragons invade, will it take one of their own to stop them?


I suppose it is time I write it out.

No one believes my heritage. I want to keep it that way, but the truth is the truth. I am a dragon's son. My brother embraced our mother's monstrous blood and betrayed Beotia. One day, Villian will return. I'll not let him take the throne.

You and I have not met since our wedding. The empire's borders still require my presence. I don't know that I'll ever let you read this journal, but I'll address it to you nonetheless, for I must address it to someone. Writing to myself would not ease the weight of secrecy.

I shall begin.

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