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Atia (Niva)

Name pronounced: sah-FYE-ruh

Age: 23

Physical Description: Brown hair, brown eyes.

Bio: The eldest of the Morren sisters, Safira has been the head of the family since her parents died of the fever. Blessed to live in the tight, supportive community of Chesstel, Safira is nevertheless too busy to think of much else but raising her sisters and minding the farm. Weathering the crashing storm that is Dethar's arrival, she soon finds her familial devotion pulling her in an unexpected direction when she receives a letter with a red peacock seal.

Pausing in her tracks, Safira took time to admire the wares of a street-side florist, particularly taken with a little bouquet of roses, tastefully arranged with sprigs of lavender. As Safira bent down to smell them, a deep, unfamiliar voice beside her said, “Lovely, aren’t they?” — Keepers of Fire

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