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A loud explosion shook the ground, causing Dethar to stumble slightly. Out from the arch rose a massive demon. In limb and arrangement, he was human, but all similarity ended there. His entire body was a dark, rusty color, save for his wings, which were black and terrifyingly huge. His arms, legs, and chest rippled with muscle. His face was grotesque; bloodshot eyes, lips curled to reveal yellowed teeth, a large, pointed nose jutting from the middle of his face. Set into his head was a pair of bull-like horns, black and polished. His hands were large, his claws like daggers, and his feet were cloven hooves. Fire burned all over his body, coming from an inward source, secret to all but those who hailed from the fiery city. His roar shattered the air, turning into a laugh as it faded away. — Keepers of Fire

Glirick Glandele

Name pronounced: GLEER-ick GLAN-dell

Age: Unknown

Bio: A myth to many, Glirick Glandele is the villain of the Song, foretold to return and spread war and death. For millennia, he has been hiding, biding his time in the far off seclusion of Fire City.

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