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Lord Pathros

Name pronounced: PATH-roes

Age: Early 50s

Physical Description: Tall. Broad-shouldered. Dark hair and a trim beard flecked with gray.

Bio: It would perhaps take the Morren sisters by acute surprise to fully understand the worldly power of the man grabbing at their farm. A nobleman of the Upper Houses, Lord Pathros is second to few in wealth, authority, and land. In Keepers of Fire, we visit two of his houses; one in Falderlon, the other in Satara.

A desk was in the center of the room, and behind it sat Lord Pathros. How such a stern, angry face could belong to the man of such a gracious house was a decided mystery. If Lord Pathros had been kinder, he might have been handsome, but the coldness in his eyes made him the ugliest man the sisters had ever seen. He glared at the Morren girls with blatant resentment, his broad shoulders tense, his large hands gripping the desk before him. His dark hair was graying, and his jaw was clenched in restrained fury. — Keepers of Fire

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