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Mathias knew his answer. All his training at Blakensdale had prepared him for such a life, but suddenly, he hesitated to utter it. Unable to resist, he glanced sideways at Acinath, and his heart sank at the lack of reaction shown on her face. There was no reason for him to stay in Chesstel. Turning resolutely to Hermanius, he nodded. "I'd be honored, sir." — Keepers of Fire

Name pronounced: Muh-THYE-us

Age: 21

Physical Description: Tall. Dark, shoulder-length hair.

Bio: It was a disgraced libertine who left Chesstel for Blakensdale Academy four years ago. Now, returning to the Basin on his mother's birthday is a sensible, educated man of fewer words and no apparent desire to reclaim his status as the village darling. But Mathais harbors a secret, and has sworn both his father and sister to silence.

Mathias Grimnor

mathias portrait1.jpg
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