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Name pronounced: VASH-tee

Age: Unknown

Physical Description: Several inches over six feet. Atia observed that Vashti was at least a foot taller than herself. Pointed ears, milky skin, and long, dark, wavy hair. To Atia, she doesn't look a day past thirty.

Bio: If you've heard of the Witch of Old Swamp, you are either a local of Darkwood, a wanderer, or a student of obscure Avarian folklore. Those living in the shadow of that forest are not stupid enough to discredit the existence of that eerie woman. Little is known about her, save she protects her domain with a curse known as Midnight Plague. Some claim to have seen her, but no one claims to have spoken with her.

“I thought she might be a high elf,” Meldrin said, subdued, “but Elsvener says it’s impossible.”

“Well, of course, since the High Elves died off long ago,” Uelin commented. “The chances that there’s one hiding out at Old Swamp, after all these years, is extremely unlikely.” — Keepers of Fire

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