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A New Adventure Begins

I'm delighted to announce my upcoming book, Dragon's Son. It will be published in episodic format on Kindle Vella beginning February 6th. As with every Kindle Vella story, the first three episodes (chapters) will be free to read. Dragon's Son is completely unrelated to the Fire City series. It is a sword and sandal fantasy. Think Romans vs. dragons.

Two brothers. Two paths. One crown to seize.

"I suppose it is time I write it out. My mother was a dragon, and so is my elder brother, Prince Villian. To most, the story is mere gossip. I've made sure of that.
You and I have not met since our wedding. The empire's borders still require my presence. I don't know that I'll ever let you read this journal, but I'll address it to you nonetheless, for I must address it to someone. Writing to myself would not ease the weight of secrecy.
I shall begin."

A fight for an empire. A trial of loyalty. A test of love.

A prince prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice.

The Beotian empire is rising. Alexis Comnenus is the prince every nation dreams of and has spent the last five years expanding the borders. His young wife, Princess Amarea, has not seen him since their wedding, but yearns for the day when he will at last return. Alexis has written such glorious letters.

Yet Alexis is not what Amarea imagined, and when the gossip surrounding his birth proves true, Alexis and Amarea fight both dragons and politicians to keep the empire together.

RELEASE DATE: February 6th, 2023

12 days away! The first three chapters hit Kindle Vella on Monday, February 6th. Thereafter, a chapter will be released every Friday and Monday. Dragon's Son Release Schedule.

Looking forward to you all reading it! I hope you enjoy it.

—M. K. Casperson

Feast your eyes on these glorious teasers

P. S. Is it Clean? Yes.

Like all my work, Dragon's Son is clean: no sex scenes, no swearing, and while there is violence, guts are not spilling everywhere. Due to thematic elements, I recommend it for readers 15+. Rest assured, however, that if my seven-year-old niece picked it up, I wouldn't fret. The thematic elements would likely sail right over her head. If you require further reassurance, shoot me an email.


Dragon's Son Publishing Schedule

February 6: Episodes 1-3

February 10: Episode 4

February 13: Episode 5

February 17: Episode 6

February 20: Episode 7

February 24: Episode 8

February 27: Episode 9

March 3: Episode 10

March 6: Episode 11

March 10: Episode 12

March 13: Episode 13

March 17: Episode 14

March 20: Episode 15

March 24: Episode 16

March 27: Episode 17

March 31: Episode 18

April 3: Episode 19

April 7: Episode 20

April 10: Episode 21

April 14: Episode 22

April 17: Episode 23

April 21: Episode 24

April 24: Episode 25

Paperback: Late May or June


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