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Clean Fantasy Author: Jeff Wheeler

When someone says "clean fantasy books", I think of Jeff Wheeler. Dependably epic, he's one of my go-to authors. Below are three trilogies that I highly recommend.

Imagine a trilogy with magic, action, a fresh plot, amazingly developed characters, absolutely no foul language, and not even a hint of innuendo.

That's Fireblood for you.

Fireblood blew me away. I handed it to my little sister, who devoured it and then clamored for more. There's some romance, but not a lot, so if you or your child hates mushy stuff, this series should appeal to you.

Another of his trilogies that I loved was his first Muirwood trilogy. I think he originally self-published these (I'd have to double-check to be sure), and I really enjoyed them.

Last, but far, far from least, are his Kingfountain books.

If Fireblood didn't exist, the first three Kingfountain books would be firmly established as my favorite fantasy series of all time. War of the Roses meets magic. That's essentially what it is. And it's clean! No foul language and no sex scenes. There are allusions to intimacy, but not in a gratuitous way. Owen, the protagonist, is an upstanding individual—a hero. He struggles with human struggles, but his triumph over these is what shows us his strength. We learn with him. We get to cheer him on and weep with him.

Jeff continued the story with three more books, centered on a new protagonist. He's also written a prequel trilogy, two stand-alone prequel novels, and a prequel novella.

And some bonus news? How about a TV adaption of a clean fantasy series? Kingfountain is coming to your screen and I could NOT be more excited.

Read more about that HERE.

This is the last day of the Clean Fiction Blog Tour! A big thank you to Story Quest Academy! Please explore the blogs and posts of the following authors. We're working hard to provide readers with clean, wholesome options and would love your support!

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