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Clean Fiction Blog Tour: Why Clean?

It's important for us to show our youth that being an adult doesn't mean it's okay to read dirty books. The Story Academy is geared towards teens and young adults. Maybe I fit the latter category based on my age, but young or old, I'll always prefer a wholesome book.

Why are clean books important?

I love an author who can write a clean, wholesome epic without relying on sex or gratuitous violence. As a very religious person, I feel that reading books full of sex and glamorized violence will dull my spiritual sensitivity. I feel it is a sin.

But c'mon. Let's be realistic.

A lot of people feel that a clean book is a sappy, unrealistic book. Granted, many of them probably are. But you don't have to be "clean" to be sappy and unrealistic. The presence of on-page sex does not make a book realistic. We don't have to see every drop of blood to feel present in a medieval battle, and splattering blood on your characters does not mean you've got history right.

It can be difficult finding good, wholesome books, though. So what shall we do?

Enter the Clean Fiction Blog Tour!

I'm honored to be one of a number of bloggers taking part in this tour. I've already found a new book to read from the participating authors, and you can too! Please follow along and check out the blogs of the participating authors. We're all working hard to fill the clean-book void, and would love your support.

March 2nd Ellie Naomi

March 3rd Julie Gilbert

March 4th Jasmine Natasha

March 5th Liz Delton

March 6th Mark Hansen

March 7th Ian Vroon

March 9th Nicholas Kotar

March 10th J.M. Hackman

March 11th Mark Hansen

March 12th Courtenay Kasper

March 15th Steven Guglich

March 16th Laurie Lucking

March 17th Julie Gilbert

March 18th Meg Dendler

March 19th Nicholas Kotar

March 20th Courtenay Kasper

March 22nd Molly Casperson

March 23rd D.J. Edwardson

March 24th Marty C Lee

March 25th Molly Casperson

March 26th Mark Hansen

March 27th Allison Tebo

March 30th Nicholas Kotar

March 31st Molly Casperson


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