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Keepers of Fire: Book One of Fire City

Playing with fire has consequences.

Atia Morren is a 17-year-old farm girl whose search for adventure diverges from the usual trope of soul-searching heroines. Like many high fantasies, the story begins in a close-knit village. Atia wants something more. When her home life is shattered, she takes off with a band of wanderers, thinking she'll save the world. But something's wrong. Far from fearing this band of wanderers or even ignoring them, Evil seems intent on keeping her alive.

Blurb from Amazon:

An unthinkable twist of fate lands Dethar in the secret home of his archenemy, Arthen Brightscar, and a dribble of gossip informs him that the elusive but dangerous hero is long since dead. Chagrined at the loss of his chance for vengeance, Dethar turns his sights on Arthen's two young children and undefended widow. Killing them will simply have to satisfy.
Farming and adventuring have little in common, but Atia Morren longs for the day when she can follow the example of her cousin's husband, Arthen, and explore the world. But when the arrival of a cruel stranger smashes the tranquility of her home, Atia's daydreaming swells into mad desire. Escaping with a group of wanderers, she begins a quest to the dreaded Scadkai forest. Yet though Dethar took much from Atia, it begins to appear he left behind something of his own. Only Dethar could have given her the magic she suddenly possesses, and it is up to Atia to find out why.

Keepers of Fire is available in paperback and on Kindle:

Not convinced? Here's one of my favorite songs from the soundtrack.

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